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Tennis Australia MLC Hot Shots is the only junior tennis program endorsed by Tennis Australia. Programming is based on placing children in non-competitive situations where they are successful, while challenging them to learn how to serve, rally and score more effectively at every stage. One player per term is rewarded a free term of bonus/extra classes.

FUNdamental STAGE: 3-5 years old / 30 minutes
Times Available: Mon 4.00pm / Tues 4.15pm / Friday 4.00pm
Program Info: Well-structured lesson plans in a fun, safe and positive environment.

  • Lessons are played on a mini court with modified balls and racquets to enhance the success and playability.
  • This level concentrates on the fundamental motor skills such as Throwing, Catching and Balance as well as general co-ordination exercises including controlling the racquet and connecting with the ball on the ground. Movement skills such running, stopping, twisting and bending are also practised.
  • The development of the correct ready position is a major component and considers wide base stance, racquet position, grip and posture.
  • From here it’s onto the development of a rally. This will start without a partner i.e. juggling a ball, bunting a ball upwards and then progressing into partnered rallies i.e. a rolling rally along the ground to one another and then also with a racquet roll, under-arm throw rallies, a one hit rally with no net that’s repeated by a partner in turns, a drop hit and catch rally with a partner, a drop hit and catch rally over a net and eventually to a rally back and forth over the net on a red court.
  • Then it’s to the recognition of major strokes such as the Forehand, Backhand, Volley and Serve and distinguishing this to their right and left.
  • Once children can begin a rally they then need to learn and understand the concept of the ball landing “in” and “out” and therefore then lastly learning basic score techniques.

RED STAGE: 5-7 years old / 45 minutes
Times Available: Mon 4.30pm / Tues 4.00pm / Thurs 4.00pm / Sat 8.30am
Program Info: Explore

Fun games and activities are used to aid hand eye co-ordination and increase child’s self esteem. Lessons begin to focus on the playing of the game of tennis.

Lessons are still played on a mini court with modified balls and racquets to enhance accuracy, control and confidence.
Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage;-

  • A relationship created between the dominant hand and ball contact as well as learning to do this and swing from both sides of the body,
  • Demonstrate motor skill fundamentals of throwing vertically to assist the development of the service motion from the correct service stance,
  • Neutral stances are also introduced for ground strokes, using the ‘step out-step down’ technique to assist body weight transfer, loading and balance,
  • Have a sound understanding of all major strokes involved, developing basic swingline shapes using simplified grips and strokes that all enhance performance, understanding and their success rate. Focus of swing shape is through the use of hip and shoulder rotation,
  • Their motor skills are slightly more challenged to help players further develop awareness of their true abilities/limitations. They will participate in a wide variety of balance, ball, racquet, midline, spatial awareness, and agility skills,
  • A basic understanding of the court and awareness of their surroundings,
  • Eventually a rally over the net, focusing on control and consistency i.e. longest rally comps,
  • Finally they will begin to serve to start a rally and also apply a basic scoring system.

Now that the children understand how to play the game they can learn the technique of how to play the strokes in the context of a game.

Extra Development 6-7yrs: As recommended by coach – Monday Beginner Squad 4.00pm

ORANGE STAGE: 7-8 years old / 45 minutes
Times Available: Mon 5.15pm / Tues 4.00pm / Wed 4.00pm / Thurs 4.00pm / Fri 4.00pm / Sat 9.15am
Program Info: Develop

Players learn specific tennis skills in conjunction with fundamental sports skills. The lessons are played from ¾ to full court in a successful and challenging environment.

Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage; –

  • Establish an understanding of the correct start positions for matchplay and also finalise correct scoring system,
  • Perform a directional rally with some consistency (cross court to begin with),
  • Complete swingline clarity on all ground strokes, volleys and serves,
  • Demonstrate some consistency on the serve,
  • Demonstrate a variety of stances inc neutral and semi-open,
  • Learn to adjust ball trajectory depending on their court position and demonstrate the ability to manage ball depth and length of shot,
  • Show some ability to respond to the ball trajectory, anticipate the bounce location and the speed of the oncoming ball,
  • Develop greater agility with movement and we also challenge their balance and axis of rotation with weighted balls. This will also enhance timing of kinetic chain and therefore racquet speed development,
  • Total court awareness and full understanding of its boundaries,
  • Further develop their self-esteem and social interaction with other players.

Extra Development: Mon Beginner Squad 4.00pm / Fri Matchplay 4.45pm

GREEN STAGE (Pre-Competition): 8 + years old / 45 minutes
Times Available: Mon 5.15pm / Tues 4.00pm, 4,45pm / Wed 4.00pm / Thurs 4.00pm, 4.45pm / Fri 4.00pm / Sat 10.00am
Program Info: Encourage

Full court tennis. Players begin to really understand the essence of tennis and competing.

Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage: –

  • Ability to hit one service type consistently and get into points frequently,
  • Shows consistency with return of serve and develop a routine for readiness of the return,
  • Management of ball direction and ability to hit down the line when balanced,
  • Demonstrate hitting with a variety of heights with their groundstrokes,
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of spin development and the type of bounce that type of spin produces,
  • A sense of strengths and weaknesses,
  • Demonstrate hitting off neutral, semi-open, open and back foot stances, 
  • Demonstrate basic tactics such as rally deep cross court and attack short balls down the line,
  • Mentally players will develop the foundation to withstand longer periods of concentration and effort,
  • Demonstrate a full understanding of the scoring system and end changing,
  • Total court awareness and understanding of deuce and ad sides,
  • Establish an understanding and respect the basics of sport etiquette.

There’s an introduction to Hot Shots Club Competition and players can also participate in assisted match scenarios.
There is frequent use of technical equipment and learning tools to assist player development and also the use of clever and fun references for greater technical understanding and enjoyment.

Extra Development: Mon Beginner Squad 4.00pm / Fri Matchplay 4.45pm


All Junior Group Coaching utilises yellow ball and full court tennis. Beginning of participation in competition club tennis. A more competitive and fun environment is used, that is also more demanding mentally and physically.

COMPETITION: 9 + years old / 45 minutes
Times Available: Tues 4.45pm / Wed 4.00pm, 4.45pm / Thurs 4.00pm, 4.45pm, 5.30pm / Fri 4.00pm, 4.45pm / Sat 10.45am
Program Info: Learn to Train

Intensity increases and players develop skills to deal with being up and down in the score. Comfortably perform a match of full court tennis.

Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage; –

  • The focus will be on stroke fundamentals, mastering the score and tiebreaks,
  • Develop a solid foundation of consistency and placement and then build on the skill levels of spins and power,
  • Consolidate most of their techniques and a clear understanding of ‘out to in’ and ‘in to out’ for all swing lines according to their grips,
  • Establish a fluent rhythm with their technique and develop the ability to accelerate the racquet head on all strokes,
  • Ability to play off all pivot stances depending on court position and demonstrate hops and spin stances,
  • Ability to use serve and 1st shot combinations and return to specific target area to assist success and court coverage ability,
  • Have an understanding of high percentage tennis and basically learn to play offence, defense and neutralise situations,
  • Solid knowledge of the etiquette and rules involved in tennis,

Represent Eildon Park Tennis Club in “home and away weekend” competition.
Extra Development: Mon Development Squad 5.00pm / Fri Matchplay 4.45pm

COMPETITION/TOURNAMENT: 12-18 years old / 45-60 minutes
Times Available: Tues 4.45pm, 5.30pm, 6.15pm / Wed 4.45pm, 5.30pm / Thurs 4.45pm, 5.30pm, 6.15pm / Fri 4.45pm, 5.30pm
Program Info: Training to Train

Intensity and psychological demand increases again and a major focus is put on getting into every point and limiting cheap unforced errors by playing patterns.

Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage;-

  • Ability to rally consistently from both sides and tactically learn how to get the ball to their strength more.
  • Improve stroke efficiency and stabilise weakness.
  • Understanding of all movement patterns out to the ball and recovering.
  • Ability to hit off all pivots, hops and spin stances.
  • Point development, structure and game plans.
  • Demonstrate point execution and an understanding of winners, unforced errors and forced errors.
  • Respecting the score and the importance of key points and applying pressure to opponents.
  • Optimise preparation, individual skills and performance.
  • Ability to use several shot combinations to end point using different spins.
  • Utilise game plan A, B and C as necessary.
  • Ability to hit spin serves.
  • Develop routines and mental strategies to deal with anxiety, adversity, line calls etc.

Involves match simulation drills and strategy for both singles and doubles play.
Extra Development: Mon Adv Squad 6.15pm / Fri Adv Squad 6.15pm / Matchplay 6.00pm

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