Laurence Blackman


Expert in developing young juniors into strong club players, State and National level tournaments.


Specialises in the delivery and management of Hot Shots tennis and Adult Cardio tennis and their associate competitions.

Laurence has a lifelong involvement in tennis as both a player and a coach, and has over a decade of both Australian and International Professional Tennis Coaching experience (having also spent 8 years coaching tennis throughout Asia).


Laurence is very passionate about designing enjoyable, effective tennis lessons that are tailored to each individual’s needs and performance capability in order to promote a lifelong passion for tennis in his students.


Laurence manages and runs the MUSTA High Performance Junior Squads, heads up the ANZ Hot Shots program and Adult Cardio Tennis classes, delivers private lessons and in-school programs.


Laurence’s experience and understanding of international coaching methodologies as well as his Australian Club Professional qualifications, holds his developmental teaching methods at the highest level. He has a strong passion for continuously upskilling and learning new and innovative coaching techniques and methodologies in all aspects of tennis coaching and is a major contributor to the MUSTA program design and lesson planning.


Laurence provides a very positive and supportive learning environment and is very well respected by his students and fellow members of the club.


Qualifications & Expertise

Tennis Australia Level 2 Club Professional Qualified

Down The Line.. with Laurence

Motivation to coach: I enjoy challenging myself, constantly learning about the game a little more each day and sharing my knowledge to others so they can develop their own passion for our sport.


Worst habit: Procrastinating


Who do you consider the most beautiful person in the world: My wife, Michelle


Favourite song: Humans Being – Van Halen


Favourite movie: Step Brothers


Advice that has stuck with you or quote that you live by: Don’t follow the crowd.  Ask questions, think for yourself and be your own person.


If you could invite any 5 people to a dinner party who would they be: Rafael Nadal, Andrew Johns, Bruce Dickinson (lead singer of Iron Maiden), Robin Williams and JFK.