COMPETITION: 9 + years old

All Junior Group Coaching utilises yellow ball and full court tennis. Beginning of participation in competition club tennis. A more competitive and fun environment is used, that is also more demanding mentally and physically.

COMPETITION: 9 + years old / 45 minutes

Times Available: Tues 4.45pm / Wed 4.00pm, 4.45pm / Thurs 4.00pm, 4.45pm, 5.30pm / Fri 4.00pm, 4.45pm / Sat 10.45am
Program Info: Learn to Train

Intensity increases and players develop skills to deal with being up and down in the score. Comfortably perform a match of full court tennis.

Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage; –

  • The focus will be on stroke fundamentals, mastering the score and tiebreaks,
  • Develop a solid foundation of consistency and placement and then build on the skill levels of spins and power,
  • Consolidate most of their techniques and a clear understanding of ‘out to in’ and ‘in to out’ for all swing lines according to their grips,
  • Establish a fluent rhythm with their technique and develop the ability to accelerate the racquet head on all strokes,
  • Ability to play off all pivot stances depending on court position and demonstrate hops and spin stances,
  • Ability to use serve and 1st shot combinations and return to specific target area to assist success and court coverage ability,
  • Have an understanding of high percentage tennis and basically learn to play offence, defense and neutralise situations,
  • Solid knowledge of the etiquette and rules involved in tennis,

Represent Eildon Park Tennis Club in “home and away weekend” competition.
Extra Development: Mon Development Squad 5.00pm / Fri Matchplay 4.45pm