MUSTA Squads

There are 4 stages of the MUSTA Squad Program that are an integral part to every players development.  Players benefit from these exceptional training conditions to grow and acheive their developmental and peformance goals:

Beginner Squad

Development Squad

Advanced Squad

High Performance Squad

What is a MUSTA Squad?

Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental…


MUSTA squads are designed for: players that are looking to get into competition, for players that are already in junior competition and trying to move their way up through the ranks and improve their results, for the serious player starting out or regularly participating in junior points tournaments and then right through to the High Performance Squad for players looking to establish their international ranking or improve on its current status.


Every session has a theme and players receive this outline in week 1 for the entire term. This ensures that all players remember and take away vital tactical and mental strategies from every squad participated in.


The squads involve a fun variety packed warm-up game that is played at the beginning of each session to get the heart rate up and prepare players physically and mentally. Then players are taught an Olympic dynamic flexibility routine that is to be used before all training, competition and tournament matches and this is then followed by their brief warm up hit consisting of mini tennis and thousand ball rallies to further help their control, feel and hand-eye co-ordination.


The entire squad is done in an open live ball environment which assists players in getting used to different styles of play from different opponents, a variety of oncoming balls and match conditions.


From here we do rallying and set tactical combinations to learn how to start, build and end points.

This is then followed up by a lot of point play and challenging mini matches with score penalties and bonuses for correct combinations and plays used.


At the conclusion of the session all players will work on their physical conditioning to help improve speed, agility, anticipation, endurance and core strength specifically designed for tennis. Racquet, grip and string customisation also takes place to maximise the use of current technology and assist injury prevention.


Participants receive match play support and analysis at Melbourne based tournaments when coaches are available.


The Squad pathway is essential for any player wanting to fully develop all components of their game and constantly improve. It is for the player that strives to get the absolute most out of their game so they can compete with the best players around.

What is a MUSTA Squads Unique?

AJ Muscillo (Level 3 Tennis Australia High Performance Coach) heads up every squad along with his Senior Coach, Laurence Blackman and WTA Player Alana Parnaby. Together they bring very rich material and training methods that have been sought from all around the world including knowledge from world leading academies such as IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy Florida, Saddlebrook Tennis program, Academia Sanchez-Casal Spain, Mouratoglou Tennis Academy France, London Tennis Association, Israel Tennis Federation and Tennis New Zealand.


Having two of the highest qualified coaches on court throughout the squads gives the players endless individual attention that is specific to their game style, technique and personality.


Pressure situations are created and match simulation activities are fun and realistic, helping all athletes to deal with nerves and also being Up, Even and Down in the score.


All of Muscillo Tennis Academy players that have established international rankings have been heavily involved with this squad program. Our content sets us apart from the rest and has also been a major building block for developing young players into the best local players and beyond.