Muscillo Tennis Academy offers a complete restring and racquet service to tennis players at every level. This also involves racquet customisation and repairs. Solinco and Wilson are our preffered choice for the best quality strings and racquets around.


AJ is a current member of the ERSA and is in the gruelling process of becoming one of only a few in Australia, Certified Master Racquet Technicians. AJ has also spent a considerable amount of time in the stringers room at the Australian Open watching, learning and developing his skills. This has also given him an insight into all of the top players racquets, strings and specs they are using.


“I know all of their true tensions, racquet weights, balance points and grip sizes!”


Touring pros know the importance of having their racquets performing at peak efficiency. But it is just as important for all juniors and recreational players as well.

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We have a huge range of quality string that we recommend for performance enhancement, feel, spin, ower, durability and again most of all injury prevention. We also stock around 80% of the string used by the Top 100 pro’s and if we don’t have the string you want, we will get it or give you something that we think is similar or better.Unfortunately around over 80% of players AJ meets for the first time are using a racquet, string type and grip size that is not suited to their specific age, physique, ability or game style. This quite often results in technical limitations and eventually shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries. Let our knowledge protect you and you’ll enjoy the game more, for longer periods and save yourself $100’s on physio appointments.


Having the right string, at the right tension is just the beginning. We are diligent in providing you with consistency and high quality workmanship, so your racquet always performs at its optimum and you get to know that feel better than anyone.


All restringing is a 24hr service, so you are guaranteed to have your racquet back the next day. Prices range a lot depending on the quality and type of string chosen or recommended.


Bring your racquet in to us and see your game instantly improve!