Tournament Camps

A high performance program & environment designed to improve results and professionalism


MUSTA provides access for athletes to Tournament Camps at both local and international venues, from Swan Hill, Bendigo, to France, London, Asia and the US.


Tournament camps are designed as a high performance program to enhance the results and professionalism of athletes, combining expert tournament support, cutting-edge training methodologies both pre & post match, and daily quality training sessions; all in a fun and positive sports focused environment!



 – Training session at the tournament venue prior the tournament

– Tournament support with tactical and mental guidelines for singles and doubles matches

– Technical advice and Fitness training

– Dynamic Warm-Up 7.00am, Stretching Education and Match Preparation

– Nutritional advice for pre, during and post matches

– Statistical match evaluations and charting with match debrief

– Players chart each others matches to gain a statistical understanding of our tactical philosophy

– Assistance with pre-match goals, game plans, dealing with anxiety & expectations

– Full room and quality meals provided daily (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

– Transport to venues

– MUSTA team tennis gear


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