FUNdamental Stage: 3-5 Years / 30 Minutes

Tennis Australia MLC Hot Shots is the only junior tennis program endorsed by Tennis Australia. Programming is based on placing children in non-competitive situations where they are successful, while challenging them to learn how to serve, rally and score more effectively at every stage. One player per term is rewarded a free term of bonus/extra classes.

FUNdamental STAGE: 3-5 years old / 30 minutes 

Times Available: Mon 3.30pm, 4.00pm / Tues 4.15pm / Fri 4.00pm
Program Info:Well-structured lesson plans in a fun, safe and positive environment.

Lessons are played on a mini court with modified balls and racquets to enhance the success and playability.This level concentrates on the fundamental motor skills such as Throwing, Catching and Balance as well as general co-ordination exercises including controlling the racquet and connecting with the ball on the ground. Movement skills such running, stopping, twisting and bending are also practised.The development of the correct ready position is a major component and considers wide base stance, racquet position, grip and posture.From here it’s onto the development of a rally. This will start without a partner i.e. juggling a ball, bunting a ball upwards and then progressing into partnered rallies i.e. a rolling rally along the ground to one another and then also with a racquet roll, under-arm throw rallies, a one hit rally with no net that’s repeated by a partner in turns, a drop hit and catch rally with a partner, a drop hit and catch rally over a net and eventually to a rally back and forth over the net on a red court.Then it’s to the recognition of major strokes such as the Forehand, Backhand, Volley and Serve and distinguishing this to their right and left.Once children can begin a rally they then need to learn and understand the concept of the ball landing “in” and “out” and therefore then lastly learning basic score techniques.