GREEN STAGE (Pre-Competition): 8 + years old

Tennis Australia MLC Hot Shots is the only junior tennis program endorsed by Tennis Australia. Programming is based on placing children in non-competitive situations where they are successful, while challenging them to learn how to serve, rally and score more effectively at every stage. One player per term is rewarded a free term of bonus/extra classes.

GREEN STAGE (Pre-Competition): 8 + years old / 45 minutes

Times Available: Mon 5.15pm / Tues 4.00pm, 4,45pm / Wed 4.00pm / Thurs 4.00pm, 4.45pm / Fri 4.00pm, 4.45pm / Sat 10.00am
Program Info: Encourage

Full court tennis. Players begin to really understand the essence of tennis and competing.

Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage: –

  • Ability to hit one service type consistently and get into points frequently,
  • Shows consistency with return of serve and develop a routine for readiness of the return,
  • Management of ball direction and ability to hit down the line when balanced,
  • Demonstrate hitting with a variety of heights with their groundstrokes,
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of spin development and the type of bounce that type of spin produces,
  • A sense of strengths and weaknesses,
  • Demonstrate hitting off neutral, semi-open, open and back foot stances, 
  • Demonstrate basic tactics such as rally deep cross court and attack short balls down the line,
  • Mentally players will develop the foundation to withstand longer periods of concentration and effort,
  • Demonstrate a full understanding of the scoring system and end changing,
  • Total court awareness and understanding of deuce and ad sides,
  • Establish an understanding and respect the basics of sport etiquette.

There’s an introduction to Hot Shots Club Competition and players can also participate in assisted match scenarios.
There is frequent use of technical equipment and learning tools to assist player development and also the use of clever and fun references for greater technical understanding and enjoyment.

Extra Development: Mon Beginner Squad 4.00pm / Fri Matchplay 4.45pm