Nessa Pratt


Nessa is a favourite amongst the kids in the coaching groups with her positive and happy nature, yet extensive Tennis knowledge. Nessa is a High Performance tennis player herself and currently participates in AMT tournaments around Australia. She has also trained and competed in France, London and Spain.


Nessa is currently studying Exercise Science and Teaching at Swinburne University. Nessa is a lover of animals and nature. She is a Hot Shot Specialist Coach and also Beginner to Intermediate Private Lesson Coach.

Qualifications & Expertise

Maestro F.I.T ( Federazione Italiana Tennis)
Maestro Tecnico level 3 C.S.I (Centro Sportivo Italiano)
Tennis Australia level 2 club professional
Biomechanic sport level 2.

Down The Line.. with Nessa

Motivation to coach: I love helping children enjoy being physically active and see a smile on their face as they succeed.


Worst habit: Being indecisive


Who do you consider the most beautiful person in the world: Chris Martin


Favourite song: Charlie Brown – Coldplay


Favourite movie: Spirited Away


Advice that has stuck with you or quote that you live by: “If someone believes in you and you believe in your dreams it can happen”


If you could invite any 5 people to a dinner party who would they be: Chris Martin, Kim Clijsters, Bob Marley, Mahatma Gandhi, Dian Fossey