Registration & Enrolment

All new enrolments must sign and submit the MUSTA Registration Form prior to commencement of first lesson.

All existing students will automatically be re-enrolled into the following term unless notification of withdrawal is received via email before the due date of invoice. Otherwise a cancellation fee of $30 will apply for holding that position. All class times and lessons will remain the same unless a Muscillo Tennis Academy coach recommends a student to be moved up a level in which case you will be contacted.   Please notify Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration if you require any adjustments to your lesson time or day.

Payment of Fees

Muscillo Tennis Academy accepts payment by Cash, Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer. Payment by Cash needs to be directly made to Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration or AJ Muscillo in a sealed envelope with the students name, date and amount enclosed. Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer needs to include student’s name or invoice number as reference.

Accounts are distributed via email at least one week prior to the due date and will be due in their entirety by the due date.   Please ensure Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration has a current email address as accounts are emailed. It is the responsibility of each parent/participant to notify the office if an account is not received prior to the end of each term.

The only exception is for Private lessons of 45 minutes or more. Payment for such Private lessons is preferred in its entirety by the due date, however due to the higher cost, payment will be accepted in Split Term intervals (1st installment by due date and 2nd installment by the beginning of Week 5 of Term) or on a weekly basis if required. Please advise how you wish to make payment upon enrolment.

Any payments not made by the due dates (without prior notification to Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration) will incur a late penalty of $15 and if required a Debt Collecting Agency will be engaged and associated costs will be added on.

Due to our extensive waitlists please note that a student’s position is not secured or held after the due date if tuition fees have not been paid. If there is no attendance in the first two weeks of term (without prior notification to Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration), the student’s position will be made available to the waiting list and full tuition fees will still apply.

If outstanding fees are not paid Muscillo Tennis Academy reserves the right to refuse training privileges.

Term fees can and will be corrected in good faith should an error occur in billing, as soon as practical after the error is detected. Should you wish to discuss fee payment please contact Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration.

Term Length                                                                                                                                                            

Fees are calculated on a term basis, with typically 9-11 weeks in each term, generally aligned with Victorian public school terms.  All classes are billed according to the number of lessons being offered for each term.  As such, term fees may vary from term to term.


Notice of cancellation of enrolment must be received in writing via email to Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration.

Once payment has been received to book in for the Term, students will forfeit their payment if they decide to discontinue classes for the remainder of the Term. No refunds or credit to be provided, i.e. students are unable to stop lessons mid-Term and transfer payment to another Term (unless a valid medical certificate is provided in extreme circumstances & subject to Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration approval). Students may change to another class/day/time schedule permitting. Fees may also be transferred to a new family member who enrolls for classes during the same Term.

Absenteeism & Make Up Classes

If you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson, you need to contact Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration by email, phone or text message by the required time (see below) so that a suitable make up lesson time can be arranged. If contacting via email or text message, please keep copy until make up lesson has been completed. No refunds will be provided. This allows for other students to have a make up option in your class, keeping it fair and flexible for everyone involved in the Program.

Make up lessons for all missed Hots Shots, Junior Groups, Squads, Cardio Adult Groups and Match Play sessions will be provided to participants provided a minimum of 24 hours notice is given to Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration.

Private session students must provide a minimum of 6 hours notice to Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration in order to receive a make up class.

Failure to give required notice for any Muscillo Tennis Academy session will result in that class being forfeited.

Make up time options are subject to class type and availability and Muscillo Tennis Academy Administration will make every effort to find a suitable day/time for you. There is a maximum of Two (2) make up classes per Term. Make up classes cannot be carried over to the next Term.

Late notice (i.e. within 24 hours of group session or 6 hours of private session) will only be considered for a make up class for medical reasons with an accompanying medical certificate, subject to Muscillo Tennis Academy approval.

For serious illness and injury that results in multiple missed lessons, credit will be given for the next Term’s fees provided a valid medical certificate is supplied, subject to Muscillo Tennis Academy approval.

 Rain & Inclement Weather
On court coaching will always take place unless Muscillo Tennis Academy deems the weather conditions to be too dangerous. At all times our duty of care is paramount.

All Hot Shots, Junior Groups and Squads will continue indoors – No Wash Outs or Heat Outs!

Make up lessons will be offered to all Private Lessons that miss their session due to rain / inclement weather. You will be contacted as soon as we declare that coaching is postponed due to weather conditions. So if you do not hear from us, you can assume that coaching is going ahead and you do not need to contact us to confirm.

Due to their structure, Match Play and Adult Cardio Group sessions may be unable to continue if weather conditions are unfavourable. An extra session will be offered for Match Play during the school holidays to make up for sessions cancelled. Adult Cardio Group participants will be offered a make up class during Term subject to class availability. If these are not feasible, a credit to next Term’s coaching fees will be offered.

Refunds & Credit Policy

NO REFUNDS will be provided under any circumstance.

Credit may be offered for the following circumstances or other situation at Muscillo Tennis Academy’s discretion:

Muscillo Tennis Academy will always make every effort to offer make up time options where applicable (refer Absenteeism & Make Up Classes) subject to class type and availability. Credit will not be offered to students that cannot attend a make up class session if Muscillo Tennis Academy has offered adequate suitable class options.

Credit may be provided towards the next Term’s fees for serious illness or injury that results in multiple missed lessons, provided a valid medical certificate is supplied.

Credit may be offered to Cardio Adult Group and Match Play participants if make up lessons are not feasible due to the nature of these classes and limited make up options available.

Credit can only ever be applied to the next Term’s coaching fees and expires at the end of that next Term.

Credit is transferable to another family member but only for bookings for the next Term. Exception is when a student cancels enrolment mid way through Term – in this instance credit is only transferable to a new family member who joins classes during the same Term, otherwise these fees are forfeited.

Coach Absence
In the event that a Coach is absent, they will be replaced with another Muscillo Tennis Academy Coach.  If this is not possible, students will be contacted to advise that the lesson is cancelled and a make up session will be offered.
Public Holidays

All classes will go ahead on Public Holidays during the Term, except on Good Friday, Easter Monday and Melbourne Cup Day.  Please provide required notice (refer Absenteeism & Make Up Classes) if you are unable to attend so that a make up session can be arranged.

Medical Treatment 
By registering with Muscillo Tennis Academy, participants/parents/guardians authorise and consent to first aid and/or medical treatment as deemed necessary for the student whilst participating in the program, at their own expense.

Please advise Muscillo Tennis Academy if you or your child has any specific medical conditions that coaches and staff should be aware of.

Liability & Indemnity
As participants, parents/guardians of Muscillo Tennis Academy, you agree to indemnify and keep indemnified and hold harmless Muscillo Tennis Academy and its affiliates against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, losses, damages and expenses (“Claim”) in any way connected to or resulting from any damage, loss, death, or injury sustained during or otherwise associated with the program. 
Images & Video Footage 

Muscillo Tennis Academy may wish to use images and/or video footage of students for promotional and/or educational purposes, i.e. website, promotional flyers, social media, coach education.  Please notify Muscillo Tennis Academy in writing in you do not wish to have your/your child’s image to be used, otherwise it will be assumed that you have no objections.