Red Stage: 5-7 Years

Tennis Australia MLC Hot Shots is the only junior tennis program endorsed by Tennis Australia. Programming is based on placing children in non-competitive situations where they are successful, while challenging them to learn how to serve, rally and score more effectively at every stage. One player per term is rewarded a free term of bonus/extra classes.

RED STAGE: 5-7 years old / 45 minutes

Times Available: Mon 4.30pm / Tues 4.00pm / Thurs 4.00pm / Sat 8.30am
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Fun games and activities are used to aid hand eye co-ordination and increase child’s self esteem. Lessons begin to focus on the playing of the game of tennis.

Lessons are still played on a mini court with modified balls and racquets to enhance accuracy, control and confidence.
Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage;-

A relationship created between the dominant hand and ball contact as well as learning to do this and swing from both sides of the body,Demonstrate motor skill fundamentals of throwing vertically to assist the development of the service motion from the correct service stance,Neutral stances are also introduced for ground strokes, using the ‘step out-step down’ technique to assist body weight transfer, loading and balance,Have a sound understanding of all major strokes involved, developing basic swingline shapes using simplified grips and strokes that all enhance performance, understanding and their success rate. Focus of swing shape is through the use of hip and shoulder rotation,Their motor skills are slightly more challenged to help players further develop awareness of their true abilities/limitations. They will participate in a wide variety of balance, ball, racquet, midline, spatial awareness, and agility skills,A basic understanding of the court and awareness of their surroundings,Eventually a rally over the net, focusing on control and consistency i.e. longest rally comps,Finally they will begin to serve to start a rally and also apply a basic scoring system.

Now that the children understand how to play the game they can learn the technique of how to play the strokes in the context of a game.

Extra Development 6-7yrs: As recommended by coach – Monday Beginner Squad 4.00pm